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Bourne Engineering’s mission is to provide honest, high-quality, holistic small to mid-scale structural engineering services for Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan and Island Counties.  We seek to help clients navigate the construction & building code process from beginning to end depending on their individual desires and budget and with far more than just rigid engineering calculations and drawings.   

Some hallmarks of Bourne Engineering are:
1. Clear and thorough verbal and written communication, including drafting/notes on building plans.  2. Bringing to light multiple initial options for solving any problem at hand but making a final recommendation based on the unique physical, financial, environmental as well as the emotional needs of each client. 3. An outstanding and respected relationship with local building departments. 4. Youthful and progressive involvement within the community.  5. An engineer with a welcoming and optimistic personality.   6. Creative approach to all projects. 7. Quickly accessible by phone/email.